Saturday, May 31, 2008

VROC - Skaggs Springs Road Ride 5-31

Pics are from top to bottom, text for a pic is under the pic, click on a pic for a larger pic...

We had the Welcome Back Cranky Ride! And WHAT A ROAD!!! That damn thang was knarly!!! GBG

It's great to be back, my bike isn't what I want yet, but still working on it! She scoots pretty good!

I got 343 miles in for the day, I normally get to ride about 100 miles to and from the start point!!! Hazards (blessing?) of having a tour director so far away!! Thanks Don!!! AND JOSH!!!

Howard and Brian showed up!!! He told me that he brought the crutch for show!! GBG Glad to see you up and about Howard!!! See you and your family soon at HSVROC!!!

Roy trying to get his camera going!! GBG

Bob and Roy C at the KSU place! Complements of Roy C Thanks for the pic!!!

More of the gang..

Here's the man of the ride, he talked us into it!! Josh!!! and his BUBF!!! Thanks My Man!!! Sorry for the difficulties...

Jazzman and Uwe ... Checking the bikes out!

Goldie, looking real fine! With David J and bike in background. This was in Jenner, our first stop.. Notice no sun, it was foggy and real cool!! Change of gear in order! GBG Compliments of Don VSP! Thanks Don

Sherm telling Don VSP how to stand up a 1/2 busa!!! GBG Complements of Roy C!!! Thanks!

Don VSP figured it out!!!! GBG Looking good!!! Complements of Roy C, Thanks!!!

Pic of Sherm, look like a piece of his shirt got caught on the fence!! GBG So the tail goes, it was some ladies underwear.... tell us about it Sherm!!! GBSEG Compliments of Roy C, Thanks!

And very serious, and unfortunate, Uwe, is sitting by his bike after it went off the road!!! Our hearts stopped! But I just got a note that said injuries were listed as "minor"!! Thank The Lord!!!

Note from Rad, Uwe's wife:

This is Rad reporting in 'cause it hurts Uwe to type (and he's on his way to work). Together we managed to ruin the barbeque, but are thankful that no human was seriously hurt. We also thank everyone for their gracious help and patience.

My spill was a bad choice: instead of pushing a little more, I chose to bail off the side of a curve. I didn't realize the damage it would cause the bike, tho' both it and I were still quite capable of continuing. We taped a turn signal, strapped a broken bag to Uwe's bike, and dusted off my otherwise spotless gear and off again.

Uwe's spill is in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (see His age is exaggerated but the damage is not. He was rounding a curve too far outside, hit gravel, and couldn't correct in the split second left before the rocks. I was in front of him and saw him fly up into the air and disappear.

Uwe has a separated shoulder (a swollen lump between his neck and arm). No broken anything. No tears in the gear. It also seems like no poison ivy/oak either. He's so sad about messing up that beautiful bike and ... well, he'll add info... tomorrow probably.


Here's a closer pic, and I've just heard that he has a separated shoulder!!! AND THATS ALL!!!!! Thank The Lord!!!! Could have been worse...

The bikes lined up by the accident site.... It was a great ride, marred a bit by Rad tipping over and Uwe taking a spill... But by the Grace of God, they are ok, I love miracles!!! GBG

I hope to hear from them soon! And I am asking for GREAT news!!! Get well!!!!!!!! Cranky